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English Tomlinson

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:36.14
Qualifying Race: 2023 Boston Marathon

English Tomlinson
Date of Birth


Age on Race Day


Current Residence

Ann Arbor, MI


Grottoes, VA

High School

Spotswood High School

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Bridgewater College (VA)

Career Highlights
Winner, 2023 Indiana Women’s Half Marathon; 34th, 2023 Boston Marathon (16th American); 24th, 2022 Bank of America Chicago Marathon (13th American); 16th, 2022 BAA 10K
I got married to my wife, Devin, in September 2023! We live with our cat, Simba. I have a large family coming out to support me in Orlando!
Greatest Accomplishment
Qualifying for the Trials in Chicago last October was a huge accomplishment for me. However, I think my greatest accomplishment came two weeks before when I married my wife. I could not have gotten this far without her support and the support of so many others that encourage me to show up and keep being my authentic self every day.
Interesting Story
After high school I quit running and didn’t think I would ever look back. A year into college I changed my mind and transferred school, where I had great mentors and teammates to help me fall in love with the sport again. I graduated college in 2020, losing most of my senior year due to the pandemic. This lit a fire in me again, this time with the marathon. I turned my sights toward the daunting distance and fell in love all over again. Now, many people around town know me as the runner with the biker, my spouse, or the teacher who runs.
Favorite Book

The Alchemist

Favorite Movie

Top Gun

Favorite Post-race Indulgence


Favorite Breakfast

Pancakes with fruit on top and a black coffee

Favorite Running Memory
When I was in college I loved our team long runs. We would run on a dirt road called “Honey Run.” It was always peaceful, still and quiet. My teammates and I would run side-by-side counting the horses and buggies that passed by as we ticked off the miles.