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Jake Heslington

Men's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:17:40
Qualifying Race: 2023 Grandma's Marathon

Jake Heslington
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Current Residence

Provo, UT


Orem, UT

High School

Timpanogos High School

Current Affiliation

Run Elite Program


Engineer/Merit Medical

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Brigham Young University

Career Highlights
1st, 2022 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon; 10th (2017) and 12th (2019), NCAA Championships, steeplechase; All-American, cross country and indoor 5,000m
My wife's name is Hope and we have two girl, Emry (4) and Eden (2). We also have a baby boy due in March.
Greatest Accomplishment
Balancing the last year, with my wife's pregnancy, a miscarriage before that, spending quality time with my kids, serving in my church, working full-time with a long commute, and still being able to put in quality training.
Interesting Story
In 2015, during my first year at BYU, I had some serious blood clots that almost killed me. Both of my lungs were mostly collapsed. I lost about 15% of my body weight and I was in the ICU for a week. I was so weak I hardly had the strength to walk. The recovery from that was very tough. When I was finally able to walk far enough to leave my hospital room, I got about 10 feet down the hall and had to sit down for several minutes to catch my break and regain my strength. A few days later I was able to do about a 100-foot loop while my almost 90-year-old grandpa pulled along my oxygen tank. Little by little my strength came back, but it took several years for my lungs to really feel like they were back to normal.
Favorite Book


Favorite Movie

Cool Runnings

Favorite TV Show/Series


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Favorite Breakfast

Breakfast burrito

Favorite Motivational Quote
"Embrace the grind."
Favorite Running Memory
Winning the 2019 NCAA Cross Country Team Championships