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Natosha Rogers

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 1:10:57
Qualifying Race: BAA Half Marathon

Natosha Rogers
Date of Birth


Age on Race Day


Current Residence

North Carolina


Denver, CO

High School

Dakota Ridge High School

Current Affiliation


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First Trials qualification


Previous Trials

2012, 2016, 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field, 10,000m

Number of attempts to qualify

I qualified in a single attempt after finishing out a busy track season at the 2023 World Championships where I doubled in the 10k and 5k.


Texas A&M University

Career Highlights
2nd, 2012 Olympic Trials 10,000m; 2017 USATF Half Marathon Champion, 2-time World Athletics Championships finalist (2022, 15th; 2023, 14th); 2012 NCAA Champion, 10,000m
Grandpa was a 400m State Champion; mother held her high school mile record for 5 years; father is a rocket scientist; sister was cross-country state champion and Vanderbilt All-American
Greatest Accomplishment
Pursuing my passions despite the obstacles and challenges that have tested my commitment. Allowing myself to grow through this and deeply root my intentions in alignment with something bigger than myself.
Interesting Story
For over a decade, I have found myself within arms reach of becoming an Olympian, falling just a little short and left hungry. As a junior in college I placed 2nd at the Olympic Trials in my fourth 10,000m ever but was 12 seconds off the then-A standard time. A shock to the world and myself. In 2016 I was at the tail end of what felt like a slow crawl back to a healthy place with running: quitting running my senior year, studying abroad, and signing my first pro contract after returning to the USA. The transition was a rocky road and I was in a dark place but I found a way to reignite the love and flow back into my running and managed to make it back to the 2016 Trials, placing 13th. After this I had one of my best years in 2017, placing 3rd in the road circuit and my first big win as a pro at the 2017 USATF Half Marathon Championships. Like a rollercoaster, I had my worst year to follow. In 2018 I lost my ability to run and sponsorship going into the next year. It wasn't until this point in my career that I truly came to know just how much I love running. It crushed me to think I may not be able to show up to the next Trials but mostly that I couldn't get out the door and move my legs like I used to. I had to step away and work my first-ever corporate job. Six months I poured my soul into cold calls and sales quotas in an attempt to move on. Luckily my ability to run came back and the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project gave me to ability to make a comeback in the running world. I showed up to the Covid-delayed 2020 10,000m Olympic Trials and placed 7th. Another miss with a gap too big. I knew I needed to make more of a commitment to this pursuit and add the marathon to the list for the possibility of making Paris. At the beginning of 2023 I signed with PUMA and moved to North Carolina to train with PUMA Elite and further my commitment. I have been "all in" since. The marathon has always called my name and pulled on my heart strings. I have a lot of feelings about debuting at the Trials but the most prominent is that this is something I need to do and with all of my heart.
Favorite Book

The Alchemist

Favorite Movie

Black Swan

Favorite TV Show/Series

Better Call Saul

Favorite Song

Puzzle Box (Rezz)

Favorite Post-race Indulgence


Favorite Breakfast

NYC bagel breakfast sandwich

Favorite Motivational Quote
"Live like you already have what it is that you want."
Favorite Running Memory
A brutal long run on a rocky clay road in Kenya with my then-new teammate. It was our first week in Kenya and my first week on my new team. I had a lot of emotions as well as excitement in this foreign land. The terrain and dust were brutal; every run, a layer of red dirt on my face and sore ankles. Each morning with a wake-up call from the surrounding rooster of our little shared hut, nature's reminder to get the day started and head to the edge of the Kerio Valley for morning coffee. A simple routine, a clear head, a reminder that I made the right decisions to be where I was in that present moment. This particular long run was my introduction to the new level I would be pushed to starting at the beginning of this year. Fiona and I have been taking each other to new heights ever since and we will both be debuting at the Trials. It has been a special journey since that long run trying to keep up with Fiona on the edge of the Rift Valley in the beautiful countryside of Iten.