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Natalie Callister

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:36:46
Qualifying Race: 2023 Bakline's McKirdy Micro Marathon

Natalie Callister
Date of Birth


Age on Race Day


Current Residence

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Kaysville, UT

High School

Davis High School

Current Affiliation

Rabbit Elite Team


Bada** Mom of 4,

Marathon PB


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Weber State University

I am a mom to four energetic kids ages 9, 7, 5, and 2. We moved to Toronto this past summer so my husband, Marcus, could do a Neurophysiology fellowship, extending his medical training for another two years. I homeschool all my kids and together we love to hike, bike, run around and explore this new big city. My sister-in-law is Sarah Sellers. She has been a great teammate and mentor to me as I have gotten back into marathon training and racing.
Greatest Accomplishment
Birthing and raising my four children.
Interesting Story
My path to the 2024 Olympic Trials is quite unique. After a successful high school running career, my college running was disrupted by multiple injuries. In 2014, when my first son was born and my husband, Marcus, started medical school, I decided I needed to focus my time on keeping the family afloat, and put running on the back burner for a time. I still pushed my kids around in a running stroller and enjoyed some local races, including a half-Ironman after my third child was born, but after the birth of my fourth I actually considered dropping running. Instead, however, I felt prompted to train for the marathon. Through Marcus's work I met my coach and escalated my training, waking up at 5 a.m. or earlier to run before Marcus went to work, as we had no family nearby and couldn't afford a nanny, and morning was the only tolerable time to run during Phoenix summers anyway. My first real marathon was the 2022 Indy Monumental, where I ran 2:40:59. I kept training through our move to Toronto, and in October our family drove 7 hours to the McKirdy Micro Marathon in New York, where I got the OTQ by 24 seconds. It was a gift and a miracle; despite all the hours of training I never could have made it happen without God and all my wonderful little cheerleaders.
Favorite Movie

The Greatest Showman

Favorite TV Show/Series

The Chosen

Favorite Song

Whatever It Takes By Imagine Dragons

Favorite Post-race Indulgence

Chocolate Milk or anything cold and creamy

Favorite Breakfast

Egg scramble with lots of veggies, hashbrowns, and fruit on the side

Favorite Motivational Quote
"Stop giving reasons for why you CAN'T, and start giving reasons for why you CAN!"
Favorite Running Memory
My senior year of high school (2007), I won the 5A Utah State Cross Country race by one second. I was out of my mind with excitement and awe; my mom was at the finish line crying, my dad had recently been deployed overseas just days before and I remember saying, "Ah, if only my dad was here to see this!" He was the one who got me into running and my biggest supporter. To win the state meet in his honor was extra special. My team also ended up winning the team trophy that day.