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Sofie Schunk

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:36:33
Qualifying Race: 2023 California International Marathon

Sofie Schunk
Date of Birth


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Current Residence

Albuquerque, NM


Albuquerque, NM

High School

La Cueva High School

Current Affiliation

Diabetes Sports Project and Dukes Track Club


Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories

Marathon PB


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Marquette University (Soccer)

Career Highlights
3rd, 2019 Dirt Dog XC Series in Albuquerque, NM; 2022 and 2023 Carlsbad 5000 Open Women's Champion; 4th; Arizona Rock N' Roll Half Marathon 2023 in a 4-minute PR of 1:15:58; goalkeeper Marquette University soccer (3-time Big East Champions and a Sweet 16 appearance); 4-time All-Academic team.
My younger sister, Hattie, 28, ran track and XC at Texas Tech University and currently lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Jesse -- she has been one of my biggest inspirations that got me into running. My mom, Andrea, ran track at NAU, and my dad, Randy, is an avid skier, like myself, and competed at the University of Colorado in gymnastics. My dog, Simcoe, is also my most consistent training partner!
Greatest Accomplishment
Becoming the third ever Type 1 Diabetic to qualify for Olympic Trials while working a full-time engineering job with management aspirations, coaching (running, youth track, XC, and soccer), playing soccer, and pursuing diabetes research and volunteering. Additionally, I received three patents while at Dexcom in continuous glucose monitor technology (the device I currently wear to manage my Type 1 and has significantly increased my ability to run and monitor my blood sugar levels). I hope to inspire others living with diabetes and other chronic health conditions that anything is possible--you just may have to fail more than once before you can win the battle! I also have spoken at multiple diabetes summits and plan to continue that moving forward.
Interesting Story
My build-up to becoming an Olympic Trials marathoner was definitely unconventional, and not on my original athletic 'plan.' With a background heavy in soccer, weightlifting, skiing and sprinting, I had a hard time figuring out my diabetes management when it came to endurance sports. I always loved the grind of strength and conditioning throughout college at Marquette (thanks to awesome coaches), and when I met another endurance Type 1 and joined the Diabetes Sports Project non-profit, the distance running world became unlocked. I was able to tighten my glucose control and combined with new medical device technology (also my area of study), I ran my first marathon with the help of an incredible support system. However, I quickly realized that stacking on the miles was not the way to get faster especially without a running background, and found myself off and on injured for 3-4 years. Taking a step back during COVID, I focused back on strength training and playing soccer, building a base that would allow me to once again stack on the miles. When I went through a tough breakup after 5 years (2022), I poured all my dedication and negative energy into running, as well as focused on getting my high blood sugars I had been experiencing from chronic stress stabilized. With a new insulin regime, I was able to break 1:20 in the half marathon for the first time with a 4 min PR (1:15:58), and for the first time ever, I realized the '2:37' really wasn't that out of reach (like I had thought in 2019) and I had less than a year to prove it. After an attempt at the McKirdy Micro in October resulted in extreme cramping due to high blood sugars and inability to take in my fuel, I was able to get a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) approved for insulin at CIM, where it all came together even after not feeling great for the first 10 miles! It's amazing what happens when you believe, focus on fueling, and become inspired by the encouragement of those around you, as well as have incredible support from friends and family.
Favorite Book

Can't Hurt Me

Favorite Movie

Remember the Titans

Favorite TV Show/Series


Favorite Song

Artists - Nirvana, Zach Bryan, Lil Wayne

Favorite Post-race Indulgence

Beer and Pizza/Burger (Beer First!)

Favorite Breakfast

Avocado Toast and Green Chile Egg Benedict

Favorite Motivational Quote
“When you recognize that failing doesn't make you a failure, you give yourself permission to try all sorts of things.” — Lauren Fleshman, and Colossians 3:23
Favorite Running Memory
2023 Carlsbad 5000 when I about counted myself out from defending my title (middle of ski season, lacking running confidence) until about a mile to go, and 'sprinted' to catch the leader, turning down the finishing shoot in front of cheering fans and friends merged from my time in New Mexico and San Diego--this was a 40 second PR in 16:22 and I may have broken 5:00 for the first time in the mile, but will never know, as my watch died! It was a wonderful celebration with friends, similar to celebrating my New York McKirdy Micro Marathon PR with my parents and best friend--the race that proved to me an OTQ would be possible-- in both situations, the post race beer hit the same!