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Travis J Morrison

Men's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:15:55
Qualifying Race: 2022 Grandma's Marathon

Travis J Morrison
Date of Birth


Age on Race Day


Current Residence

Salt Lake City, UT


Hoffman Estates, IL

High School

Schaumburg High School

Current Affiliation



Engineer, consultant and adjunct professor

Marathon PB


First Trials qualification


Previous Trials


Number of attempts to qualify



North Central College

Career Highlights
2015 NCAA Division III Champion, 5,000m; Getting my first OTQ finishing with my college buddy, Ryan Root.
My wife is Dezi Moss. My mother is Susan Morrison and my sister, Megan, is the woman who got me into running when I was 10 years old.
Greatest Accomplishment
My number one accomplishment in life has been perseverance. Working through challenges in life - running, my work and relationships - takes an open mind and perseverance. I’m most proud of recognizing that and working toward it.
Interesting Story
I ran my first 100-miler this fall, so I am trying to see how fast I can get into shape to run this Olympic Trials. Wish me luck! Also, I was almost attacked by a badger during a race this fall. I screamed and fought him off with my trekking pole!
Favorite Book

Super Forecasting

Favorite Movie

Die Hard

Favorite TV Show/Series


Favorite Song

Any good Ryan Bingham riff

Favorite Post-race Indulgence

Steak and whiskey

Favorite Breakfast

Milk steak, with a side of jelly beans

Favorite Motivational Quote
"If you forget your roots, you’ve lost sight of everything." - Walter Payton
Favorite Running Memory
One of my favorite memories is running the first Trials with my buddies. Running through Atlanta, the cheering was so loud that you could feel your chest vibrating. We just laughed and enjoyed the moment. Another is senior cross country season, coming together with a group of guys and winning the title was really something. I’ll never forget that year and those races and Al.