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Kellen W Blumberg

Men's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:17:04
Qualifying Race: 2022 California International Marathon

Kellen W Blumberg
Date of Birth


Age on Race Day


Current Residence

San Diego, CA


San Diego, CA

High School

Patrick Henry High School

Current Affiliation

Lane Zero Athletics Club


Data Scientist at Flipside Crypto

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Career Highlights
36th, 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon (2:22:59 in debut); Winner, 2022 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon; 28th, 2022 California International Marathon (2:16:58, OTQ)
My cousin, Sean Zanderson, was also a runner at Notre Dame and a strong post-collegiate runner in San Diego. My father and mother are Paul and Ivy; I have a sister Hayley Greenfield and brother-in-law, Josh.
Greatest Accomplishment
I accomplished my dream of working for an NFL team: After college I got a job working for the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Interesting Story
My running career began through shameless bribery. When I was 11, my parents started training for their first marathon. I was surprisingly hesitant to join them, even though I had been part of a running club when I was younger and loved the sport. One time, in an attempt to get me to join them, they said, "If you run with us today, we'll take you to get a calzone afterwards!" I had never eaten or even seen a calzone before, but I knew it was a combination between a pizza and a burrito. And knowing that those two things were phenomenally delicious, I could not turn down this offer. So, I went and ran 6 miles with them that day, ran my first half marathon a few months later and fell for a sport I am still madly in love with to this day, 20 years later.
Favorite Book

The Hunger Games

Favorite Movie


Favorite TV Show/Series


Favorite Song

Death by a Thousand Cuts by Taylor Swift

Favorite Post-race Indulgence

Homemade pizza

Favorite Breakfast

Avocado smoothie

Favorite Motivational Quote
"It's not about how hard you hit; it's about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward."
Favorite Running Memory
In 3rd grade, I ran a local Junior Olympics mile race. Through the first two laps I was in dead last, but my dad was on the sidelines coaching me through it, and I had a strong second half. I passed the leader with 3 meters to go and got my first victory in a race, with my friends carrying me on their shoulders after getting the win. And the rest is history.