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Joost Plaetinck

Men's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:16:52
Qualifying Race: 2023 California International Marathon

Joost Plaetinck
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Current Residence

Novi, MI


Novi, MI

High School

Novi High School


Program Assistant - University of Michigan Track & Field

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University of Michigan

Career Highlights
16th, 2023 California International Marathon (earning OTQ in marathon debut); 2023 Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon Champion (in debut at distance); Team Champions, 2022 and 2023 Michigan Outback Relay; 3rd, 2021 Big Ten 3,000m steeplechase; 2021 NCAA DI Championships Outdoor Track qualifier
My parents, Luc Plaetinck and Margaret FitzGerald. They always supported the choices I made, academically, athletically and in my career. I'm fortunate to be in the position I am because of them. My sister, Evie Plaetinck. We like the same stuff so it's nice to catch up about the latest on what some streamers are doing or how our DnD campaigns are going. Those sorta talks always help when running is making the brain overthink; she really helps me take a step back when needed. And then just a quick shout-out to the rest of my family and friends that have supported me and cheered me on. Seeing how many people in the family I've made proud has been an extra motivator to keep putting my best foot forward each time out. There have also been plenty of times I was down in the dumps and needed a hand, and I'm lucky enough to have good friends on my side to pick me up as quick as they can and get me back on track. I owe y'all a lot, thank you! Oh, and ... a shoutout to my attention-seeking cat, Shirley. Having her around always brightens my day.
Greatest Accomplishment
This feels cliche but getting that OTQ is probably it. First time training on my own schedule while trying to still figure out the post-college life has been a roller coaster at times, so putting it all out there with a good performance is pretty neat.
Interesting Story
Nothing super interesting about me, sorry! After college I took a chunk of time away from running and used this past year to get back into it. I'm surrounded by plenty of great people who slowly convinced me to get back into racing and I can't thank them enough right now; it has been a blast to enjoy the sport again.
Favorite Book

The Percy Jackson series

Favorite Movie

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Favorite TV Show/Series

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Favorite Song

Florence + The Machine's cover of Stand By Me

Favorite Post-race Indulgence

Greasy burger + fries and a beer, probably a heavy helping of dessert, too

Favorite Breakfast

Anything that includes a croissant

Favorite Motivational Quote
"Remember, no man is a failure who has friends."
Favorite Running Memory
2021 Big Ten Outdoor Championships - I was the bronze medalist in the steeplechase and set my PB on the way to doing so. The following day to close the meet out I scored again, this time in the 5,000m and ran (at the time) my second-fastest time. Accomplishing that had me pooped, but when training gets tough I like to think back to that weekend and the rush I felt. Running can provide plenty of lows with the highs, so it's nice to focus on the times things really came together and enjoy them/use them as motivation.