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Amanda Phillips

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:33:56
Qualifying Race: 2022 California International Marathon

Amanda Phillips
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Age on Race Day


Current Residence

Hood River, OR


Phoenix, OR

High School

Phoenix High School


High School Counselor

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Lewis & Clark College

Career Highlights
5th, 2022 Los Angeles Marathon (top American); 15th, 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon; All-American, 2007 NCAA DIII Cross Country.
I am married to Joshua Chandler. We share the exact same birthday … I am 5 hours older. We have two dog children, Romeo and Rosaline.
Greatest Accomplishment
Finding the person with whom I feel at home. I'm quite independent and never planned on getting hitched! I consider it an accomplishment of mine to find a lifelong partner that I think is perfectly imperfect for me. Also, pursuing my second master's degree in Counseling. I've always wanted to be a counselor, and I'm so happy to finally be in a job that is well-suited for me.
Interesting Story
This is more like a running public service announcement. I recently ran into an aggressive mama elk and spent a couple minutes trying to get away including hiding behind trees, being chased and finally warding it off with a giant branch. I thought I was going to get trampled to death. I've also experienced running into an open grazing space for mama cows and their babies who then, as a herd, decided to chase me up a mountain. All in all, don't mess with mamas. Also, if you're running somewhere during the springtime in the forest, don't wear headphones. In fact, maybe just stay on the roads during birthing season. Cow mamas, elk mamas or bear mamas, it doesn't matter. None of them like runners sneaking up on their babies. So be aware!
Favorite Book

Geek Love

Favorite Movie

In Bruges

Favorite TV Show/Series

My Brilliant Friend

Favorite Post-race Indulgence

Cerveza, por favor

Favorite Breakfast

Latte with oat milk

Favorite Motivational Quote
"The oak fought the wind and was broken; the willow bent when it must and survived."
Favorite Running Memory
My family and cousins being with me at the last Trials. I have the amazing privilege of a large and widespread family on my mother's side. My mother grew up with five siblings and was also raised with numerous foster siblings - at one point there were 13 in the house. I share the term "cousin" with an unknown number of wonderful humans, and have a close-knit group of aunts and an uncle that have helped raise me since I was young. The first marathon I ever ran, my grandparents came to watch and asked me to run it in honor of a cousin that my aunt had lost too soon. In 2020 when I made it to the Olympic Trials for the first time, I had most of my aunts and uncles and many cousins there to watch and support me. I ended up getting extremely sick right before the race and not finishing, but them being there made it all OK. On January 17th this year, one of my cousins was lost after being diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma her senior year of high school. While my family is in mourning and most thoughts are not on something like racing a marathon, I still feel like my family is a big part of why I run and has always been at the center of this marathon I call life. I love you fam - thank you for all of the support - and we love and will miss you cousin; I'll be racing this one with you in my heart.