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Carrie Mack

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:36:45
Qualifying Race: 2022 California International Marathon

Carrie Mack
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Current Residence

Bend, OR


Springfield, MO

High School

Parkview High School

Current Affiliation

Littlewing Athletics

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Missouri State University

I live and train in Bend, OR with my family. My husband, Travis, and I met running in college. Our son, Lewis, is 2 years old and we have an English creme retriever named Atlas.
Interesting Story
I've qualified for the Trials twice, which is such a dream! Unfortunately, both times I've had to deal with a bone injury in the build-up to the Trials race. In 2020, I had an avulsion fracture in my toe that kept me in a boot for about 10 weeks. Leading into that race, I was able to reintroduce running into my training about two months out from the race. This time, I was diagnosed with two stress reactions in my pubic bone just after Thanksgiving. I had about eight weeks of just swimming and did my first run on January 4th - just 30 days out from the Orlando race. It's been an unconventional build- up to say the least, but I'm excited to be there and see what is possible!
Favorite Motivational Quote
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver
Favorite Running Memory
Experiencing the Trials in Atlanta is a top memory, for sure!