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Allie Schaich

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:34:41
Qualifying Race: 2023 California International Marathon

Allie Schaich
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Portland, OR


Atlanta, GA


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Rice University

Career Highlights
3rd, 2022 Leadville Marathon; 3rd, 2023 Eugene Half Marathon and Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon; 4th, 2023 Grand Traverse Mountain Run (40 mile run from Aspen to Crested Butte); 2nd, 2023 Perpetua Coast Trail 50K
I live with my partner, Tyler, and my 2-year-old shelter special shepherd mix, Cactus! Tyler largely prefers cycling to running but will occasionally join me for a trail run or double, which is always much appreciated. Cactus is a very eager participant in all trail-related activities and most road runs, but her favorite activity is backcountry skiing. I am the oldest of five siblings; all of us run except our youngest sister, who was always more on the artsy side. I ran my first marathon with my brother in 2018!
Interesting Story
I had a very mediocre college running career where I mostly ran the 1,500m and cross country. I completely quit for two and a half years because I was burnt out. I found a great running community in Houston and realized I really loved the marathon distance!
Favorite Motivational Quote
"Sometimes, if you want to stop, it's ok to just give up." - Tom Frantz (on running up a mountain)
Favorite Running Memory
Winning the Three Sisters' Skyline half this past summer - my dog, Cactus, got to run it with me! We do a lot of trail miles together but it was really fun to run a race with her.