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Parley Hannan

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:33:43
Qualifying Race: 2023 Carmel Marathon

Parley Hannan
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Hanover, NH


Scarborough, ME

High School

Westover School

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Ithaca College

Career Highlights
NCAA D III Indoor Record-holder 5,000m 2019-2023; 5,000m national champion, 2021; 10,000m national champion, 2021; Winner, 2023 Carmel Marathon
I am the youngest of three. My brother Tully, is 32, and sister Wynne is 29. We used to hate each other but now we are best friends. Took us a while to get there but I absolutely would not be able to get through life without them. Tully lives in New York and is one of the most supportive and compassionate people I know. He ran at Bates and was definitely known on campus, either for his super speedy times or running away from campus police. Wynne lives in Vermont with her dog Pluto and partner Noah. Their home was my go-to getaway when I was struggling and definitely saved me during some tough times. Warm, cozy and all the wholesomeness one could need. Wynne is my absolute best friend and biggest role model. Her work ethic is next-level. She embodies so many qualities I only hope to embody one day myself. The love she shows toward others and works to show herself (which is equally if not more important) is admirable. It is quite special having two people that I always know I have to either help me get out of or just be willing to sit with me during my darkest of times. My parents are always awesome. Dad, Donald, is such a goof. I definitely get my super weird sense of humor from him and I wouldn’t have it any other way. No one makes me laugh quite like him. My mom, Pharibe, is the most selfless woman I know. She does everything and anything for anyone and she loves unconditionally.
Greatest Accomplishment
Oof, tough question. I don’t think I can pinpoint one moment but I would say a huge accomplishment in my life is getting to a place where I can speak openly about my struggles while also feeling OK doing so (not being self deprecating.) For a while I have been open about my struggle with depression and a long standing-eating disorder. But often I would talk about it, go home, and beat myself up immensely for the disgusting person I often felt I was. But now I have (mostly) come to love these qualities about myself. My weirdness. My openness. My struggles and weaknesses. I still live with a lot of shame and insecurities but I’ve come along way to be able to be where I am now. To know I can help others by sharing very real issues in our society, and myself by celebrating qualities that make me different.
Interesting Story
I have only run one marathon and to be honest I am trying very hard not to be scared about running my second. I just joined a pro running team in New Hampshire, Northwood Athletics, making this journey a lot more real. My first marathon was not approached in a very healthy way. I had been running away (literally) from a lot of demons ever since graduating and struggled to get my feet on the ground. Quickly after graduating I took on a full time job while also running an insane amount and not eating nearly enough. Going into my marathon I was running about 200-210 miles a week for over a year. On days I didn’t run I would spend four hours on the elliptical. My marathon was off of just high mileage and being in a very unhealthy space. I felt fantastic during the race but I would be lying if it wasn’t hard to try and ignore all the positive reinforcements I got for negative actions. Anyways, I joined a pro team in large part to help me start training smarter. I did my first real workout in three years a little over six weeks ago, lifted for the first time since college, and now am running more “normal” marathon mileage. I'm going into this marathon with just the hopes to feel good. My mental gain/how I feel mentally during this race is so so so much more important than any time. My approach to this marathon is so much healthier than my last one, and that is what I have to hold onto even if all goes to hell. It’s intimidating to be at my first pro race and a lot of people being so fixated on their performance and getting PBs. It may sound cliche but I truly just want to have an experience that just reiterates why I love this sport. The people and that feeling of euphoria (mixed with a little pain of course).
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Curb your Enthusiasm

Favorite Song

WIN - Jay Rock

Favorite Post-race Indulgence

Burger and Beer

Favorite Breakfast

Bacon Egg and Cheese on a Bagel

Favorite Motivational Quote
"Keep showing up."
Favorite Running Memory
Winning cross country national ins 2019 and hugging my brother