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Anna West

Women's Marathon

Qualifying Time: 2:35:12
Qualifying Race: 2023 Bakline's McKirdy Micro Marathon

Anna West
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Current Residence

Oahu, HI


Chesterfield, MO

High School

Lafayette High School

Current Affiliation

Railroad Athletics


Marketing for rabbit

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Baylor University, University of Michigan

Career Highlights
2017 Div. I Cross Country All-American (Baylor); 4th place team, 2018 DI NCAA Cross Country Championships (Michigan)
I am from a family of Division I runners - my mom and dad ran at Bucknell University in the '80s and my brother ran at Baylor University. My dad was a 4:04 miler back in the day (pre super shoes and nice banked indoor tracks!) so we like to think he's a sub-4 miler by today's standards. My mom was a 10,000m school record holder and 11-timr Patriot League Champion. On New Years Eve 2022, I married my husband, Matt, and moved to Hawaii with him, as he is a naval officer. He played Division I soccer at the Naval Academy, and is now a marathoner!
Greatest Accomplishment
Helping coach my high school team to a state championship. I was asked to help coach last fall, and I and two other badass women did our best to pick up the pieces of a team that was falling apart. Not only did the girls rally, they won state in a DOMINANT fashion! No one was expecting them to win, and the girls even surprised themselves.
Interesting Story
I had success early in college, but after transferring to Michigan my junior year a series of unfortunate life events derailed my running for a few years and led to stress fracture after stress fracture. A lot of teammates I'd had through the years could "tough out" going through hard times and channel that into running faster, but my life events led to insomnia, 24/7 exhaustion and heightened levels of stress that I think led to my body physically breaking down. I spent more time in an MRI machine than running my last year of college. After those ~2 years of chaos, I learned to never downplay the physical damage that life stress can put on my body. After graduating, moving to Austin, and just starting to run for fun again, my body, brain, and life started to sync up again and work in my favor. Post-collegiate running has been astronomically kinder to my body and it helps that life is going pretty well, too. :)
Favorite Book

Kara & Des's latest

Favorite Movie

The Proposal

Favorite TV Show/Series

New Girl

Favorite Song

1989 (TV) + Vault Tracks

Favorite Post-race Indulgence

The fruitiest cocktail on the menu

Favorite Breakfast

Avocado toast with eggs

Favorite Motivational Quote
"The greatest gift you can give someone is to believe in them."
Favorite Running Memory
Running my first marathon with my brother, Jordan, and his pacing me to an OTQ. He told me beforehand he was planning to stay in for 18 miles, but I convinced him around mile 16 to keep going for longer because we were having too much fun. With two miles to go, we were way under OTQ pace and just talked and joked for the last few miles, as siblings do. Crossing that finish line and hugging my family and teammates was one of the coolest moments of my life.